To Make a Photo Holder

     Hi readers! This photo holder DIY is one of the most needed projects I've ever done. I have way to many small photos, prints, and Polaroids to count, and until recently I hadn't come up with a solution. We had a print garland in our last apartment, and that was great, but I wanted a different way to display them. Something more individual! Then, I remembered how I was wanting to purchase the little photo clips awhile back but now I have all this air dry clay to play with. I immediately set a plan to make little shapes out of the clay and put to use some copper wire I had for another project. It's so simple, Bailey will probably be able to make one in a year or so.

- Air Dry Clay (I used the kids Crayola version.)
- Acrylic or Gouache Paint
- Paint Brush
-Copper Wire

First: Form your clay into the shape you want. I went with a cube but I think I'm going to try out a hexagon shape next.

Second: Bend your wire into a clip shape to hold the photo. (The larger the loop, the better it will hold.)

Third: Push the wire into the clay and let dry over night.

Fourth: Paint your shape whatever you choose, and voila! There's your photo holder!