Weekly Moodboard, #2

     Guess what?! It's time for Weekly Moodboard #2, and I'm still stuck on fall. All aspects of it entice me, and I'm starting to realize it's my favorite season. Everything it represents are all things I get excited for. Pumpkin flavored things, cooler weather, sweaters for said cooler weather, Halloween and Thanksgiving, all things plaid, apple cider floats, the changing leaves, I could go on and on. I probably will in next weeks' mood board as well, but for right now, lets just peruse Pinterest for a moment and single out those images that bring up all the feelings.

     As you can see, the colors of fall are my biggest influence at the moment. Also, I'd like to point out that the chill of fall brings everything warm into the picture. Sweaters, hot drinks, and cozy throws. Yes, please.