What We're Loving, #5

     Hey readers! I hope everyone is having a good Monday! I had a productive weekend, so I'm feeling pretty great about starting the week. It's just one of those days where I feel like I'm caught up with everything for the most part, but I'm sure life will throw me some sort of curve ball. Thanksgiving was awesome! So so so much food and eating and leftovers. It was basically heaven. After turkey day was finished though, we decorated all day Sunday, and I worked on some crafts for the holidays. See, productive! I enjoyed shooting the What We're Loving for today, mainly because it features my favorite hot chocolate mix. Also, I'm excited for the Gift Guides to come out! There will be three posted throughout December, so stay tuned and enjoy!

Wearing: Mittens, all day/lots of new (to her) fall tops.

Eating: Some amazing hot cocoa/cartons of blueberries, I couldn't even get a picture without interference!

Reading: A 70 year old copy of Brave New World/a Disney classic.

Making: Gift Guides, coming soon!/ All of the sounds with her mini drum set.

Loving: My Knot & Bow Heart stickers, especially for the gifts/a wooden pull horse from Nana's house.