Weekly Moodboard, #4

     This week's mood board is all about creative and seasonal inspiration. Now that it's freezing outside, I find myself constantly searching inside for something to do. This is most likely because it is very hard to find any joy in doing anything outdoors. It will be better when it's dry and cold, but lately, here in Missouri, it's been cold AND raining for days at a time. I really don't mind the cold as long as it's a dry cold. Like I said, this drives me inside and I get cabin fever quickly, but looking at images like these makes it so much easier to stay inspired.

     To start, the beautiful weaving's of Jeannie Helzer need no explanation as to why they are inspiring. Especially with the beautiful warm colors woven into the neutrals. They definitely make me want to take up weaving this winter. The beautiful fire photograph includes the warm seasonal colors, as well as some nostalgia, since fires and bonfires are synonymous with winter around here. I also can't get over ankle boots right now, and those burgundy crushed velvet ones are killing me. I always find inspo from fashion. Architecture too, can be very inspiring, and the black store front in the top right is oddly inviting. Winter hikes and mornings in bed are also on the winter agenda. I'm starting to realize I plan my life around what I'm inspired by, and I don't see one single problem with that. Have a good weekend, all!