What We're Loving, #7

     It's Monday you guys! I'm having one of those very productive "I can do anything" Mondays. Which is good, but I know that it means I'll crash later, so I'm trying to not get too far ahead of myself. The weekend was a relaxing one, Bailey slept well and I binge-watched a lot of Gilmore Girls, but that's nothing new! I've started to dig in to my gift-shopping and wrapping, which is a huge relief. I also went on a chocolate bender this weekend, not sure why but it was awesome. I tried chocolate covered potato chips, bought two of the Vosges chocoalte bars pictured below (though I definitely haven't eaten all of them), and had to buy some Ferrero Rocher bon bon's as well. I just had to. Bailey's still on her blueberry kick, regardless of how many times I show her the Violet Beauregarde scene from Willy Wonka. Oh well, other than that, not much is going on. I'm reading a lot, which is amazing, making a lot of things, and like I said, eating a ton of chocolate. While I reign that in, I hope you all are having an awesome Monday! Thanks for reading!

Wearing: A DIY leather hair tie I made over the summer/the cutest Care Bear PJ's!

Eating: Vosges Bacon Dark Chocolate (wow)/ two cartons of blueberries a week.

Reading: Brave New World (my dads old copy)/Let's Get Dressed!

Making: Lots of prints on dark paper with my paint pen/ all of the scribbles.

Loving: My Mario Badescu Rosewater Face Spray (truly amazing)/Lego's, unfortunately for our feet. :(