To Make a Bucket List (Update!)


     Hi readers! I just wanted to do a little update today on my bucket list. I am happy to report that I've already completed almost everything on the list! The drinking a ton of hot chocolate task is still being completed, of course. The only thing that I am still waiting to do is to go sledding. It hasn't snowed for real here, yet, and I am actually wishing for snow! That's really never happened before. I usually am ambivalent towards snow, but the warm weather we've been experiencing has put a damper on my holiday spirit. Mostly, I just really think Bailey would love snow, so I am just waiting for her to get to experience that. For now though, I guess I'll bide my time with more fun gift wrapping and hot cocoa until we get some real winter action around here.

     I've definitely already improved my gift wrapping skills. Basically, I used to put no effort into gift presentation, but I've gotten past that with this gift box DIY!

     I'm very much in love with my mini wreath garland I made. It was pretty simple and would look cute any time of the year. It may or may not be featured on the blog soon. I just really love to look at it.

     As you can see, I'm very into the hot cocoa. It's nice and easy to make in the afternoon if I don't feel like coffee. Salted Caramel Mocha is my favorite. :) Happy Holidays!