Bailey, Lately


    Good morning! Bailey's been having a blast this month. Fall brings so many new activities, like going to pumpkin patches and enjoying the cooler weather. The photo above is from last weekend when we visited a pumpkin patch / peach farm just outside of Columbia. We had to get the classic kid on a pumpkin shot! Now, onto what the little munchkins been up to other than sitting on pumpkins.

Bailey, Lately:

- has been loving balloons even more than usual. I don't think I can go to the grocery store with her anymore or our house will be filled with the balloons that line the checkout isles.

- has been getting on a more regulated evening schedule at home. We've been making an effort to have a sit down dinner and a bedtime routine every night.

- is getting really good at brushing her pearly whites. I really think she loves the praise too much to not do well.

- is getting better at waking up in the morning. She's way less grumpy now and wakes up happy most days.

- has been much more aware of the weather. She'll say things like "it's windy" or "it's raining" when it actually is doing those things.

- is all about Mickey Mouse, Pooh, and the Minions at the moment. Her Halloween costume will be one of those three (and I'll share it here on Halloween!).

- has been warming to her new (and first!) cousin Madi. When we went home last, Bailey got to re-meet her and it went well now that Madi's a bit older than the first time Bailey met her. The entire time we were there, Bailey was constantly asking about "baby".

- has been wanting to help with anything she can. In the kitchen, cleaning, with the puppies, everything.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!