For Pinning / October


     Hi there! October was such an inspirational month, and with the help of Pinterest, I've been slowly defining the lifestyle and aesthetic I want. I think that's a general part of being an adult, figuring out how you want to live your life and all of that, but when you are a creative that's in love with everything you see, it can be hard to pin down what you actually love and what you just like. Pinterest makes this so much easier. For example: I keep two types of Style boards, one The Look of It and the other Personal Style Inspo, and both help me separate my sartorial inspirations. The Look of It consists of outfits and styling that I like but wouldn't actually wear or wouldn't fit in with my personal style. Personal Style Inspo is where I keep any outfit ideas that I want to replicate and actually wear. See? I need the distinction, otherwise all of my ideas get befuddled and I don't actually know what I want! Now that I've over-explained myself, onto my favorite finds on Pinterest this month! Above, is a super cool flatlay that is basically styling goals. I've really been working on my styling this month, with both products and food, so Pinterest is essential for staying inspired.

     I'm also planning on hosting a Friendsgiving for the first time this year! While I've been toying with the menu for awhile, the decor is also on my mind. This outdoor setup is gorgeous, even if it will be too cold to actually have our gathering outside.

     Urban Outfitters always has awesome decor. I plan on DIY-ing something similar for our living room soon!

     I've been in love with warm clothing lately, even though it hasn't gotten too chilly yet. I'm not one to wear sweat pants out of the house, but I would probably make an exception for this comfy-cute outfit.

     That menu for our Friendsgiving I mentioned? Ya, it most definitely will include this amazing fall salad.

      Last but not least, this wonderfully autumn chair. I have no opinion on the cat, but the velvet texture and pumpkin color of the chair is good enough to keep year round.

     All of these Pins, and their links, can be found here! Check out my Pinterest boards for even more Fall inspo, and get Pinning yourself. Thanks for reading, have a fun Monday!