Book of the Month / Discussion


     Hi there! For today's discussion, we are looking at the latest installment in the Harry Potter saga. I'm a big fan of most books, regardless of the genre, and that includes "YA" or "Young Adult" series. They are still good stories, usually, even though they are intended for a slightly younger audience. The Harry Potter series is no exception, as I think most adults would agree. The general public has at least seen the movies, and we all know how much of a success they were/are. The vast consensus is that the tales are some of the best of our time, and that these stories will be considered classics for long after the stories themselves have come to an end. We had all accepted that the books were done, series complete, with even the movies being finished. That is, until last year when the world found out that there would be a Harry Potter play in London, and that yes, of course they would be printing the script as a book. I think this move was, in part, to be inclusive for the large fan base that Harry Potter claims, so that they too could have this new story to devour without having to travel to London to see the play. I also think this new book was meant to create new Harry Potter fans out of the children of the aughts, who either weren't alive yet or were too young to be around for the Harry Potter craze of my youth.

     In this way, I think the screenplay was a little forced. I think the play itself was an obvious idea, a decent way to carry on the Potter world, but the way they present the actual story to the rest of the world, in screenplay form as opposed to a classic novel structure, is what turned off old fans of the old story to this new story. These books have such a large following, that fans don't want to read it in a different format. It's a subconscious divide that most readers won't even realize, that it's the way they are reading the story, not the actual story itself, that they don't like. It's an OK storyline, and it is fun to see how Harry's children and his friends children turned out, along with the classic main characters themselves. With the storyline, some thought bringing back Voldemort, even if only in the past, was unnecessary, that they didn't need to go back to that plot point. Personally, I think it was fine to keep the story revolving around Harry and Voldemort, just like it always has, but I can see why people would want a fresh idea.

    That being said, I still liked it. It was an easy read that carried on our beloved heroes story in an easy way. It gave us an update on their lives, which I think most people wanted, and it also gave new insight that past scenarios alluded to. Rowling revisited those scenarios, like the night Harry's parents are killed, and we see a new side. As a person always interested in seemingly everything, it was exciting to learn new things about this world through this new addition. I doubt they'll ever add another new development to Harry's story, but it will be interesting to see how the spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them plays out. Hopefully, people can get their Wizarding World fix that way. Thanks for reading, and have a fun Wednesday!