Photo Project / September


     Good morning! Now that it's October, I can share some of my favorite photos of Bailey from the month of September. She really is developing a fun personality, and getting still photos of her is getting harder and harder, but when you can get one, she's magic. We've been going to parks more often, now that the weather is bearable, and a newer one we went to has a dinosaur skeleton themed playground. I had to snap a picture of Bailey in front of one of the walls, featured above!

       Look at that expression! Can you say the face of an angel?! Bathing outdoors at the lake house is a favorite pastime for Bailey.

     This is from our trip home to Arkansas, out and about visiting a waterfall. It's hard to capture Bailey's profile, because she usually is just moving her head around so much. I love this picture though, because my parents always sat us on rocks to take pictures out in nature, and Bailey actually sat there for a minute!

     One of Bailey's new favorite things to do is to take all of the wall hangings off the wall in her room and swing them around for fun, shown above. I can't really blame her, that fringe is tempting!

      Bailey has been helping me in the kitchen more, and usually she grabs a chair to stand on, but here she decided to plop down in the middle of the floor. She was perfectly distracted with some nesting dolls, so I took the opportunity to snap a picture!

     From the last day in September, this is a cute little photo of Bailey and I walking to the park. It's down the street from our house, and I couldn't resist getting a hand-in-hand picture with her.

     I love getting pictures of our shoes, as it's one of the easiest photos to get as far as Bailey goes. Case in point, she was sitting and not moving her legs for once, and we were both wearing black boots, so it was perfect!

     Lastly, little bug snoozing. The glow is from our salt lamp, not that Bailey doesn't have her own glow. She rarely naps anymore at home, so nighttime is the only time I can grab a sleeping photo of her. She's still precious though, even in the dim lighting.

    Thanks for reading, and have a great Monday!