For an Adventure / To the Farm!


      Good morning! Today, I wanted to share some photos that both Kristen and I took from our adventure at Peach Tree Farms. Bailey just loved it, as most kids there did. From the animals to the random teepee, there were smiling faces everywhere! Check out our snaps below! 

     We beelined for the teepee as soon as we saw it. I think it was Baileys first time seeing one, so she was pretty taken aback. I plan to put a small play one in her room as a potty training reward once she gets there! 

      She really loved the goats and animals on the farm. I know it's sheep that go "bahhh", but every time Bailey sees a goat, she brays at it.

      I didn't get close enough to feed them, because of the smell, but her daddy loved showing her how they'll eat out of your hand! 

      There were little cabins in every pen, and they were just so cute. I wish I had an excuse to have one! 

     The pumpkin patches were also a hit! All I could think of was Charlie Brown, but Bailey was clearly only interested in sitting on them. 

     Sometimes I forget how similar Bailey and I are in skin tone and hair. It's not until I see pictures like these, where our coloring matches up exactly, that I can see it.

      Like I said, she really liked sitting on the pumpkins, even the ones that were so small they just rolled away underneath her!  

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Friday! TGIF!!