For a Craft with Bailey


     Hello! With all of the fallen leaves at our disposal, I decided it was time to introduce Bailey to leaf-rubbing. I loved doing this as a kid, and hoped Bailey would as well!

      First, we collected some leaves. I tried to pick all different shapes and sizes, and wound up with 3 mostly intact leaves.

       Then, we got our supplies together. I'll probably try and do one more collection on unlined paper before all of the leaves blow away, so that we can frame them and have pretty decor for the season!

       Then we got to work! I showed her how when you rub the crayon over the leaf underneath the paper, it transfers the shape. She was mesmerized, and tried it herself, but her fine motor skills are more geared towards drawing shapes than the shading, coloring movement that is required to do the craft. She'll get there though, and it was fun just showing her this cool trick!

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Wednesday!