Photo Project / October


     Hello! Now that October has passed, I can share my favorite photos of Bailey from the month. Above, Kristen snapped a good shot of Bailey + I at the farm we went to a couple of weekends ago. I love it when I get photos with Bailey, as I am usually the one taking photos of just her.

     Bailey in the bath with her precious bubbles. I love her hair in this one, it always sticks out in so many directions when it's wet.

      In front of a wall of flowers, but never an actual wall flower. Hah, I love puns. Mine are usually always intended.

     With her favorite toys of the moment. We've been practicing taking turns when building block towers, and so far, she really likes pointing out when it's my turn. Think she got my impatient gene?

     At the park, conquering slides. This is the tallest one, and she used to be pretty scared of it, but with her toddler-ness, most fears have gone out the window.

      The little angel sleeping. With it getting dark at 6 'o clock, it's not realistic to get a photo of her sleeping in the daylight. From now until spring, black + white it is!

     Our shoes in the (sadly) fallen leaves. This tree's leaves are bright orange, and there was a large amount that had blown off to the ground below, so I decided it was time to introduce Bailey to leaf piles. The girl loved throwing them and pushing them and hiding her feet in them so that mommy couldn't get a clear shot. She's quite contrary at this stage.

     Last, but not least, Bailey in profile. She carried that apple around all afternoon and kept munching on it. Yes, it was as disgusting by the end as you can imagine.

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Wednesday!