Bailey, Lately


Bailey, Lately:

- has started to say "thank you" without being prompted! The other day, I handed her some milk, and she said "thank you" quietly and ran into the living room. Like what?! My child is becoming polite!

- is going to start a new activity this winter: gymnastics! She can't stop climbing and jumping off things, so I think it's time to channel that energy elsewhere.

- has been drawing shapes along with her scribbles. She actually concentrates on making little circles instead of just random marks on the page.

- is napping less and less. We are down to only a few a week, and I'm pretty sad to see this phase coming to an end.

- is getting more interested in her books. She's still a busy toddler, but is starting to actually sit down and take time out of her shenanigans to look at a book for awhile.

- has been more adventurous on the playground. She's mastered the scary ladders instead of just using the stairs, and yes it is terrifying for me to watch.

- is hungry enough to finally start eating more than one sit-down meal a day. Also, she's always liked greek yogurt, but is now obsessed with it and wants it with every meal. Can't say I blame her!

- is finally into Play-Doh! Now, to see if my mom still has all of the cool gadgets that go with it that we had when we were little. I'm sure they have cooler stuff now, but Bailey isn't picky.

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Wednesday! I'll be back tomorrow with a fun DIY for your Thanksgiving table. Happy almost Turkey Day!