For Design Appreciation


     Hi there! For today's design appreciation, we have my favorite gold heart stickers from Knot & Bow. With the gifting season coming up, it seems appropriate that we look at one of my favorite embellishments to the presents and cards I give. Check out this pretty product below!


     Knot & Bow's branding appeals to my whimsical side. Much like my taste in clothes, my taste in design, and most things, varies. I'm drawn to a lot of different styles, and the mix of fonts in this design is feminine and fun. 


     I also love that the design feels handmade, with the use of stamps and hand lettering. The stickers themselves are just too cute. I love using them to seal envelopes, and to decorate gift wrap. They aren't exactly holiday-centric, but the gold is still special and appropriate this time of year. I recommend adding these to the children's gifts in your life! What kid doesn't love heart stickers?? 

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Sunday!