To Make Ornaments


      Good morning! Happy December! To kick things off, I wanted to share a fun ornament DIY, today. It's time to decorate the tree, and I've always loved handmade ornaments, so I came up with a copper pyramid design that perfectly suits my aesthetic. Check out the how-to below!


- plastic straws

- scissors

- copper spray paint

- string


1. First things first, paint 4 straws copper and let dry.

2. Cut the top of the straw off at the bendy part and discard. Then cut the remaining piece in half. Repeat on all four straws.

3. Cut string long enough to come out a half inch on each end of each straw piece. Thread though four straw pieces, and connect all string ends with a double knot, creating a square like above. Trim off excess string.

4. To attach the sides of the pyramid to the base, cut four more pieces of string and attach to each corner of the square, onto the string, with double knots. Then thread the string through your remaining four straw pieces and tie both sides together, creating two triangles like above. Don't trim off the excess this time (see below).

5. To finish the pyramid, bring the two side together at the top, and tie the remaining string together to hold the pyramid shape. Trim off the excess.

6. Cut a long piece of string, however long is up to you. Tie it to your pyramid, at the top, and tie a loop in the opposite end to hang from your tree.

7. Voila! Enjoy!