For a Gift Guide / Him


     Good morning! Today, I'm sharing my second gift guide, which features products for the gents. I've had my eye on a couple of these for Brett, but all of them would most likely be received well! Check out the guide below!

1. This book from the folks at Kaufmann Mercantile covers how to do anything random you could think of. I plan to steal this from Brett ASAP!

2. Brett is a big fan of Mancala, and I figured it's high time we have a set of our own that isn't on the iPad. Maybe I'll figure out how to play the darn game better in person instead of on the screen!

3. I've never met a guy that doesn't like slippers, and the print on this pair from American Eagle is very cool.

4. I'm so glad they finally made one of these for guys, and it basically has all of the same items, just not in scary girly packaging (fake horror face). Like men don't also have mini emergencies all of the time? Uh ya, every guy needs this just as much as every girl does, myself included!

5. Harry's Razors are top of the line, and the design is on par with the razors themselves. Classic, cool, and essential. Need I say more?

6. If you are going big or going home, this is the perfect speaker for the dude in your life. Bose always makes quality products, and this sleek but fun bluetooth speaker is no exception!