To Make Pouches


     Hi there! I wanted to share an easy stamp DIY today, just in time for the holidays! I've been in need of a new clutch/pouch for makeup, or for going out. I stumbled on this project from Almost Makes Perfect, and loved the graphic shapes and black + white color way. I also know a few friends who could use one too, so I whipped up a couple. Get the how-to below!


- two small canvas pouches, I got mine from Hobby Lobby

- black acrylic paint

- a sponge

- scissors


1. First, cut out what shapes you want from your sponge. Then, dip in paint (make sure to really saturate the sponge!) and press in whatever pattern you like on your first pouch.

2. Do the same to your next pouch and with another shape + pattern.

3. Let dry. I recommend setting them outside to dry a little quicker, as the thick paint will take a long time to dry inside. Enjoy!