For a Photo Project / November

      Hi there! With the first holiday of the season having passed, and the continuation of yearly traditions, there were a lot of photo opps in November. We had a blast, and Bailey's really coming out of her shell and starting to connect with cameras. Above is our monthly mommy and me shot, and in matching coats for this edition! 


      She's recently started showing the camera her toys! Here she is with one of her cars. 


     One of the last trips to the playground for the season (sheds a tear).  


       In the bath, showing her crayon to mama. 


      Snoozing one evening. She was curled up and cuddling in a blanket, and you would be hard pressed to find anything cuter.  


       Stirring a casserole at thanksgiving. She was very serious about her role. 


     In profile, at the playground. I'm loving black and white shots in really exposed sunlight pictures these days! 


      A close up of that pretty visage on the way to pick a tree! Kristen toon this one with her big camera, and Bailey is super interested in what the heck that thing is.  

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Friday!