To Welcome Winter!


     Good morning! It's the first day of the winter solstice! I know it's not as exciting as the start of the summer solstice, but sometimes in life you have to make things fun just to get through them, and winter falls under that category. Today, I wanted to share a few ideas to ring in winter and get people (+ toddlers!) excited for the months to come.

Tips for Welcoming Winter:

- make a ton of hot cocoa and curl up with a classic winter-ish book (i.e. anything Dickens, Little Women, Wuthering Heights)

- have a craft session, focusing on a seasonal craft, with your little one. Bailey and I made something last weekend, coming to the blog soon!

- if you've gotten some snow, get out and enjoy it! Make a snowman and go tobogganing! Trust me it's fun. 

- drive around and look at Christmas Lights. We do this on Christmas Eve, but it's a great way to add some sparkle to winter.

- make some soup! There's nothing like a warm batch of soup when it's frigid out. Look out for a yummy Cauliflower edition soon!

- take a moment and reflect on what the start of winter means for you. For me, it means the start of a new year, and I'm a sucker for new and fresh opportunities. You could say I'm excited for this season!

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Wednesday!