To Talk About Hair


      Happy Monday guys! It was a busy weekend, and I have another busy week ahead as I plan Bailey's 2nd birthday! Her actual birthday isn't until the ninth, but we are having her party over the weekend so that family can attend. I can't wait to see my family, and I'm sure Bailey is just as excited! For today though, I decided to stick to the simple topic of haircare, in correlation with the new cut I got over the weekend. I had my hairdresser do a "lob" again, mostly because it's just as low-maintenance as long hair and I needed about 5 inches cut off anyways, so I told her to chop away! I had done this about a year ago, and loved it. I wasn't as nervous this time to lose so much hair, since I already had an idea of what it would look like and how to style it.

     This type of cut works for most hair types and face shapes, which is awesome and rare. I have wavy/fine hair, and a heart shaped face, so layering is a must regardless of the cut. Once I get some good style going, I really don't do much to my hair otherwise. I don't own a straightener or a hair dryer, just a curling wand. The products I use are minimal as well, I have four but only use two on a daily basis. Dry shampoo (DIY coming soon!) and a leave-conditioner are my essentials, and a split-end mender and salt spray are my extras. My dry shampoo is gold when that second day hair comes around, and my frizzy hair would be much worse without the leave-in conditioner. I use the split-end mender when I want some definition to my waves, and I use the salt spray for a more fun feel to my already wavy hair.

     The next product I'm on the hunt for is a curl cream, mostly to get more definition than the split end cream. It just doesn't have the hold I'm looking for! Stay tuned for an update on my picks for some curl cream. Have a great Monday!