To Make a Cocktail, Pt. 3


     Hey readers! This cocktail idea came out of a "smash" I had at a restaurant. It was super good, and I love anything with berries in it, so I had to attempt it at home! I also had bought some hibiscus iced tea bags anyways, and I figured the flavor combination would be perfect. I've been a tea convert for about a year now (but I still drink at least 2 cups of coffee everyday), and I love how much healthier you feel after drinking it, even in a cocktail. Add some blueberries, vodka, and lime juice and you've got a tidy little drink! Random note: This tea says blushberry on the box and it's Tazo, but I just call it hibiscus instead, considering blushberry isn't a real thing. LOL



- 1 shot of vodka

- a cup of iced tea

- muddled blueberries

- lime juice



Step one - Combine all ingredients in a shaker and pour over ice!