To Talk About Snacks


     Hey there! Fun fact about my household: we are snackers. I typically have a small breakfast, normal sized lunch, and a normal sized dinner. I'm just not hungry enough in the morning before 7 AM (when I have to be at work), so I miss out on preparing an actual breakfast and usually just grab a banana or trail mix on my way out the door. I would make a smoothie to take along, but Bailey and Brett are still asleep when I leave, so I abstain for their sake. This, and an average sized lunch, add up to an essential snack in the afternoon. I'm ok with it, health-wise, as long as it's something fairly nutritional. Snack-time has become a little addition to Bailey and I's afternoon routine as well, and that makes it an activity I look forward to even more. Sharing with her is another good incentive to keep it healthy!

     Above and below, I magically have photo's of our snacks without a little hand grabbing at them! These are our typical snacks, ones that I usually have on hand. Lately though, I've gotten into having apple slices with cheddar. It sounded weird at first, but I swear, the apples are better than crackers. Bailey loves them too, so we go through the supplies pretty quickly. Below, are her favorites and then mine. Everyone already knows her love of blueberries, and it seems I've passed along my cheese-loving gene. My personal favorites are a handful of Himalayan sea salt popcorn and a piece of super dark chocolate. Salty and sweet always does the trick!

      Recently, I've had to resort to buying cubes or a big block of cheddar, instead of the pre-packaged slices above. Bailey was eating them too fast to be cost-effective.

     Also, I've made the switch to dark chocolate over 85% cocoa. I had read that there aren't many health benefits if the cocoa content is lower than that, and health benefits are my number one reason for eating it. Plus, eat one square of the darkest stuff and you'll be good on chocolate for the day. Side note: Bailey is one of the weird kids who loves dark chocolate. This will probably change, but for now I don't mind giving her little nibbles of my square. Thanks for reading!