Bailey, Lately


     Hey guys! It's time for my favorite post of the month! Thinking about how Bailey is changing, and just generally thinking about Bailey is one of the best pastimes. I can't think of a better use of my time.

Bailey, lately:

- has been adding more and more words to her repertoire. For example: now, instead of asking "George?" when she wants to watch Curious George, she asks "Where's George?"!

- has been recognizing what her "home" is by asking when I pick her up after work every day, "Go home?". She's finally realizing where she spends most of her time!

- is getting more used to her princess training potty. I'm just acclimating her to it right now, and every time she has a bath, we set her Wolfie stuffed animal on it, and she says "Wolfie potty" LOL.

- is in love with playing in our front yard at all times. She practically begs to go outside every day.

- is also in love with blowing the poufs off of dandelion weeds. Really though, what kid doesn't love that?

- has been letting us do her hair! We've been experimenting with clips of all sizes and cute little ponytails. Next up: pigtails!

- has been very into turkey. No idea why, but that's her number one choice out of the fridge, other than milk.

- is starting to love modeling in our pictures haha. She'll even look at the camera sometimes! Also, when I'm styling things on a background for a photo, she'll run and grab something of hers and place it in the photo. I die everytime.