Weekly Moodboard, #24

     Hi guys! This is such a fun weekend! Our town has two festivals back to back, the first being Columbia's brand new literary festival, and you can bet I'll be there. The second is the always fun Earth Day festival, which I go to show support for the environment, but mostly to eat, because every food truck in town is there. It's going to be in the 80's, so I'm breaking out my favorite off-shoulder blouse to stay cool. Also, I plan on making a huge batch of mango salsa on Friday, that will probably be eaten by Saturday. It's addictive, and the recipe will be on the blog soon! The only real projects for the weekend are making a couple of hanging planters for our office, and doing some shoots with Kristen. I'm working on a couple of non-blog related things too, such as practicing my hand lettering for 100 days straight, and putting together a photo project of Bailey. The project is essentially a group of 9 photos I'm going to take each month of Bailey for a year. The photo theme's are in the link below from A Cup of Jo, and I loved them so much, I decided to create this challenge for myself! I can't wait to get started. Have a great weekend!