Other Readings


     Hey there! As a book lover, I always have an everlasting book list. Also, I have a lot of friends that love reading, and they like to share! This is the case for my book situation right now. At the moment, I have about 4 or 5 books that people have lent me. When this happens, I ignore my actual list, and read what I have on hand first. During this time, I don't let myself buy any new books, since the ones people have lent me are free. It's so hard to not buy new books! In the meantime though, I wanted to share what my stack of books to read looks like. I plan to read Goldfinch next, then probably will re-read my Blog Inc. book for a refresher. After that, it'll probably be Ada, or Ardor, and I'll finish up with Outlander (which my friend Cat is obsessed with)! I would share my whole book list, but that would take all day, seeing as there are consistently at least 50 books on it. Can't stop won't stop reading. Have a great Monday!