Weekly Moodboard, #22

     Hi guys! This weekend will be slightly busy, since I have about 5 shoots to do, a doctors appointment, and a few errands to run. I plan to live in cute, comfy clothes and my Adidas Superstars. One of the projects I'm shooting is for a DIY Post next week! I'm going to whip up some gold planters in a few sizes, much like the ones from Urban Outfitters featured below. I also plan to shoot a delicious whole wheat veggie breakfast pizza, and then proceed to eat all of it this weekend. We plan to start refreshing our outdoor space as well, seeing as it's about to be grilling season. Last, but not least, we are going to go through Bailey's cold weather clothes and pack up all of those adorable boots and long sleeve tops. It's about time though, because she keeps pulling out all of the clothes I've set aside to go through and covering her room in them. Yup, it's definitely time. Have a great weekend!