Bailey, Lately


    Good morning! The photo above kills me. She's posing exactly like God in the "Creation of Adam" at the Sistine Chapel. It was purely a fluke, but I like to think she inherited some of my Art History-loving genes. One can dream!

Bailey, lately:

- has become slightly more defiant. I've been told this is called the "terrible two's".

- likes to pick up rocks and put them in her clothes. Her daddy may or may not have done it to trick her once, and now she won't stop.

- recognizes colors and animals pretty easily. She recently acquired a Penguins of Madagascar figurine and calls him "peng".

- can throw and kick soccer balls with scary accuracy. We may have a soccer baby on our hands.

- has been insisting on driving the car shopping carts at grocery stores. Like we can't use any other cart or a tantrum ensues.

- has been allowing a ponytail for her bangs on top of her head! Victory is mine! Now, onto pig tails.

- is very into Pooh. Better than Curious George, in my opinion.

 - has been OK with going to restaurants, as long as there is a booster seat (not a high chair), crayons, and Netflix on daddy's phone. Oh, and mac-and-cheese.