Mornings at Home, Pt. 1


     Hi there! One of my favorite things I get to do with Bailey is just simply relaxing with her. This typically happens on mornings I don't have to work: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Sometimes she's her at her sweetest in the mornings, and it's just the best time to have breakfast, look at books, and maybe even get a little cuddling in! I've decided to start a new series, recording these mornings each month. I wanted to share and remember this special aspect of our lives at the moment, because I know these easy mornings with her won't always last. She'll grow up and want to sleep in or have school in the mornings, and I'll get to look back at these posts and have a good cry LOL. Honestly though, I'm just the type of person to take the "little things" seriously and really enjoy them, and I hope you do too. 

     Above, is a photo summarizing our morning a couple of weekends ago. We laid on our blankets, looked at mommy's pretty books, and I introduced her to Pocky, which was an excellent idea. Our local grocery store had cookies and creme flavor, which they don't usually have, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity for Bailey to try something new and delicious. Thanks for reading, and have a great Friday!