Bailey, Lately


       It's time for a Bailey update! See what my little toddler has been up to below!

Bailey, Lately:

- has been taking longer baths. She needs the extra time to pour water into different containers, color on the bath walls with her new soap crayons, and practice her kicks and pulls from swim lessons.

- is sitting down to have meals more often. She prefers to eat on the go, but if you make her booster seat seem special, she'll let you strap her in.

- is being a little defiant with the potty training. We are giving it a small break.

- has been loving riding in the kayak with her daddy, and subsequently squirting me with a water gun. She cracks up laughing every time she gets me.

- has been talking non-stop. She repeats everything you tell her, like what objects names are and phrases. For instance, the concrete everywhere has been very hot because summer, and she knows it. Anytime we go outside or I set her on the ground, she loudly proclaims "it's hot!".

- has been loving a little slide her great-grandma got her. It's perfect for our small-ish front yard.

- is really getting into music. She'll either sit and listen attentively or dance non-stop for 10 minutes.

- has been obsessed with any kind of water play. Splashpads, little pools, sprinklers, the aforementioned baths, anything she can splash and stomp around in.