For a Photo Project: June


       Hello there! It's photo project time, and I'm loving it. I like having any kind of creative assignment, even if it's one I give to myself. It's weird, I know. How could I not love capturing specific moments in my little girls life though? She's the cutest! See below (and above) for proof. Speaking of above, she's officially declared this summer the Season of Bubbles!

See? This "favorite toy" shot legitimizes the bubble obsession.

For her "bath" shot, the look of determination.

Mom's are the biggest creepers in the world LOL. Really though, even the back of her head is adorable.

She fell asleep like that. Baby is chill.

This doesn't exactly capture her full profile, but she's mesmerized with the bubbles, so I went with it.

Our feet/matching sandals shot.