Mom Style: Summer Inspo


      Good morning! Today, I thought I'd share some of my latest style inspirations. Late summer's one of the most important times to stay inspired, clothing-wise. Same goes for the dead of winter. The reason is because the weather is so extreme, you just start to not care what you're wearing as long as it keeps you cool/warm, respectively. It's fine if you're good with that, going into survival mode, but it doesn't speak to my creative needs. One of the ways I stay inspired, creatively, is by fashion. If I'm just wearing clothing that only serves utilitarian purposes, I'm not as happy as I could be, and who doesn't strive for maximum happiness 24/7? So on that note, let's get inspired to wear something pretty, even if humidity is at 97% and the Sun's blazing. 


       When I'm looking to feel inspired, sartorially, I head to Pinterest. It used to be Vogue/Bazzar/InStyle/Nylon, but I've since moved on from the expensive habit of hoarding magazines. Anyways, all of these images are on my Personal Style Inspo board, and I must say, it's the easiest way to collect a closet full of outfit ideas. It's not that I copy these looks, piece for piece. I use these images to find new ways to wear an existing item, to keep up with trends, and to open my eyes to wearing new things that I wouldn't have considered before, had I not seen it styled in the appealing way the image is. For example, the image in the middle below made me immediately fall in love with multiple aspects of the photo. First, a blush pink satin bomber jacket is now at the top of my list. Second, I'm loving the look of her crop flared trousers paired with said jacket. Lastly, the evergreen contrasted with the pink and neutral colors may be my new favorite color combo. That's all just from the one photo. 

       I have purchased a couple of things for summer, based on a few of these photos. Fashion just speaks to me sometimes, as cheesy as that sounds. It makes me feel great on days that I need it to, and it's always changing, which keeps it exciting. Have a great Friday everyone, and thanks for reading!