Bailey, Lately


     Hi there! Today's latest installment of Bailey, Lately features the little cutie on the pontoon at the lake. She really enjoyed the boat rides there, and was always in the front seat for any spraying and splashing we encountered! Now, on to what she's been up to.

Bailey, Lately:

- has become comfortable in the water. Be it slides, the boat, lilypad, or wading pool, she is always down to play!

- is in a "mine" phase. Sometimes, I think she's asking if something is hers by saying "mine", because if I say it's not hers, she picks up something else and repeats the process.

- is sitting through longer books! We almost got through an entire Bearenstain Bears book the other day.

- is accepting of the excessive heat, and isn't fond of staying outside in it for more than a couple of minutes.

- has been on a Masha and the Bear kick. Not sure what the draw is, but my guess is it's for mischief inspiration.

- is getting more and more coordinated. She can kick and throw a ball directly to a person, and has become a little obsessed with playing the piano.

 - has started coloring in objects. She's no where near inside the lines, but it's clear that's what she's trying to do.

- is getting better in restaurants. Depends on if she's hungry really, but she doesn't try and get away from the table as much.

- has been calling her BM diapers bubbles, which is accurate and hilarious.