Over the Weekend


      Good morning! This weekend was so nice. We baked, played, hung out with old friends, and just enjoyed our time together. On Friday, the highlight was the French Toast Muffins I talked about that morning. They were too good, and the recipe is genius in my book.

     On Saturday, we got up and almost immediately walked over to the Farmer's Market. It was such a nice morning, with a fall-ish breeze, so we had to take advantage of it. I picked up a coffee from my favorite vendor and ogled at the crazy amount of produce that was available. That afternoon I took Bailey to our neighborhood park with friends and she just played and ran around for over an hour. I think she was just trying to soak up as much park time as she could while it was cool enough to be there.

      Sunday was our chill day. I worked on a few projects and just relaxed with Bailey all day. My mom has bought her a ton of books, and we went through a few that day. I love old-school children's books illustration, and Rosie's Walk combines that with my love of foxes, so it was a treat for mama too! Thanks for reading, and have an awesome Monday!