For a Fall Capsule Wardrobe (Bailey Edition!)


     Hi there! Now that fall is upon us, I wanted to share what Bailey and I are going to be rocking this season. I haven't ever made Bailey a capsule wardrobe until now, and I think it's one of my best ideas yet. Just as they do for adults, capsule wardrobes also eliminate wastefulness and far too many choices for toddlers. Not that Bailey's making that many sartorial decisions (yet), I only realized that I don't dress her in about 1/3 of the clothes she has. I'm the primary baby dresser, so it's my fault that we were overstocked in her closet, but I'm just as selective for her outfits as I am for my own. I'm not trying to mold her style before she knows what that style is herself, I just don't want to impart bad shopping habits and wastefulness with clothes she doesn't need. I don't think it's ever to early to start teaching those lessons. Toddlers especially have no reason for excess clothing. Yes, they get messy and have accidents, but I have a washing machine. It's worth it to me to do the extra laundry and not have an overflowing closet of choices that aren't necessary. Now, rant over, and onto what Bailey's Fall/Winter wardrobe looks like!

     I decided to only photograph the four main pieces of her closet, but I will list everything that makes up a Toddler Cold-Weather Capsule Wardrobe below! Featured here though, are her essential warm boots, a neutral utilitarian jacket, an adorable folk-style sweater, and the coolest pair of "suede" yellow leggings.

      All of these items, along with most clothes shopping we do for Bailey any time of the year, are second-hand from a local children's consignment store. I've never seen the point in buying all brand new clothes for a child when they grow out of them in a year or so. A few new things here and there are totally fine, but since children grow out of their clothes so fast, a lot of them have very little damage and are perfectly fine to pass along to other kids. Not buying and selling from children's consignment stores just feels like even more waste. Put those mint condition baby clothes to good use! Anywho, I wanted to stick to a mostly neutral color palette with pops of warm fall colors like olive, red, mustard, + plum. Having a color story for your clothes makes it way easier to mix and match, which is a big to-do for kids outfits. They can pull off pretty much anything, so that makes it more fun to dress them too. Bailey's fall wardrobe is made up of a lot of basics, with a few seasonal essentials, and a couple of fun things just because. Check out the full list below!

Toddler Cold-Weather Capsule Wardrobe:


- 3 Pairs of Jeans

- 4 Pairs of Leggings

- 2 Pairs of Pants (i.e. joggers or trousers)

- 2 Skirts



- 4 Long-Sleeve T's

- 3 Short-Sleeve T's

- 3 Blouses

- 2 Tank Tops for Layering

- 4 Sweaters (2 pullovers + 2 cardigans)


- 1 Casual Jacket

- 2 Hoodies

- 1 Winter Coat


- 2 Casual

- 1 Dressy


- 4 Pairs of Socks

- 1 Pair of Tights

- Hat/Scarf/Gloves

- 1 Backpack


- 2 Pairs of Boots (one casual + one cold-weather)

- 1 Pair of Sneakers

- 1 Pair of Dressy Shoes