For A Fall Capsule Wardrobe: Mom Style


      Hi there! Today is the Mom edition of Bailey + I's fall capsule wardrobes. My capsule wardrobe is made of less utilitarian items than Bailey's, mostly because I'm old enough to want specific things and have a specific style. Also, I don't destroy my clothes, therefore I can have one long sleeved T, opposed to Bailey's three, and get by just fine. Some of my items are just for visual interest, whereas Bailey's serve multiple purposes other than visual interest alone. Once again, I'll list all items in my wardrobe (other than the obvious PJ's and undergarments) that make up my Cold-Weather Capsule Wardrobe. I've only photographed the four main items, just as with Bailey's post. It just feels unnecessary to share photos of my basic t-shirts and jeans! You all know what those look like without the visual. Let's get started! 

     I've been pretty vocal about my love for my new shoes, and it should come as no surprise that they are one of my favorite items for all seasons. They weirdly go with everything, and have served me well thus far! Thanks again Mom + Dad! My bomber jacket is another obvious pick, its satiny finish giving basic outfits a fun kick, as demonstrated in my latest #momstyle post.

     I also love a good mustard color in the fall, although I didn't used to. I had always kind of shied away from yellow, since I'm blonde, but given the right shade, the whole look isn't too monochrome. Although, I still can't do beige, because that's just too much beige altogether! Another fall pick is a denim skirt I recently thrifted. The denim skirt trend is still going strong, and I love the throwback to my childhood days. Given an appropriate hem length, they can be classy and not like the frayed Hollister ones of our junior high days. I still cringe thinking of those microscopic skirts, and I'm sure parents everywhere do as well. Now, onto the list!

Mom Style Cold-Weather Capsule Wardrobe:


- 1 classic black

- 2 colorful dresses (mine are navy and rust colored, respectively)

- 1 white flowy dress

- 1 shirt-dress


- 3 fun tops (i.e. brightly colored, patterned, or interesting cut)

- 2 basic short-sleeve T's

- 1 or 2 basic long-sleeve T's

- 2 button-ups (1 white + 1 chambray)

- 3 sweater (2 pullovers + 1 cardigan)


- 2 jackets (1 bomber + 1 leather)

- 1 coat (mine is a blush suede trench coat)


- 2 pairs of jeans (1 skinny + 1 crop-flare)

- 1 pair of black culottes

- 1 pair of overalls (mine are white, but a classic denim or black work too!)

- 2 skirts (1 denim + 1 midi)


- 3 bags (1 black tote + 1 shoulder bag + 1 casual tote)

- 1 pair of shades

- a few pieces of jewelry

- 2 scarves (1 bandana + 1 warm)


- 2 pairs of heels (1 low-heel pump + 1 mule)

- 2 pairs of black ankle boots (1 flat + 1 heeled)

- 2 pairs of flats (1 lace-up + 1 slide)

- 2 pairs of sneakers (1 white + 1 running)

- 1 pair of snow boots