To Try Something New, Pt. 3


     Good morning! Today, I'm sharing some photos from an outing we took with Bailey a couple of weeks ago. We visited one of favorite spots in Columbia, the Shelter Gardens, and as usual, she loved it! They have an old one-room schoolhouse on the property, pictured above, and they keep chalk out for kids that visit. Bailey is finally tall enough to reach on her own now, but still likes the full view from our height.

   They still have the original desks and charcoal stove that served as their heater, I would presume. It really is cool for kids today to get to explore an old schoolhouse. I'm sure it teaches them to appreciate how schools are constructed now!

      The rest of the property is gardens of various species of plants, flowers, and trees (they have the prettiest Weeping Willow). My favorite part, which should come to no shock to anyone, is the desert plant section.

     They have all kinds of succulents and even a couple of desert trees! It's also Western themed, which makes it even cooler in my book.

     See! Desert trees! Everything is spiny and spikey and I love it.

     They also keep tropical flowers, like this Hibiscus, which is another favorite kind of flower of mine. The ranking is desert, tropical, temperate forest (i.e. a Pacific Northwest situation), as far as my favorite flora goes. Thanks for reading about our little adventure, and have a great day!