For a Cheese Board


     Hi guys! Over Labor Day weekend, I made this awesome cheeseboard, and I wanted to share what I used to construct it! Cheeseboards are the best when entertaining guests. With multiple kinds of cheeses, meats, vessels (i.e. crackers, breads, etc.), and extras (i.e. nuts, olives, fruit spreads), there's something for everyone.

    On this cheeseboard, I used hot pepper cheese and Vermont cheddar! The hot pepper cheese was my favorite, as I'm a big fan of all things spicy. I also included some Genoa dried salami to accompany the cheeses!

      For the vessels, I toasted sliced french bread, which is always a favorite, and added some strange but delicious french seed mango crackers. As far as extras go, I went salty with my favorite Habanero BBQ almonds (also one of my dad's favorites!) and with marinated olives! This ended up being our dinner, along with a few glasses of wine of course. Also, shout out to Cat for giving me these cheese knives for Christmas last year! They're amazing! Thanks for reading, and have a great day!