For a Weekend Recap


     Hi there! This weekend was a fun one, comprised of projects and friends. First though, there was, as always, lots of reading. Look out for January's book of the month this week!

     Then, there was baking. I made bread, and it was one of my better decisions this weekend. After the bread, there was New Years. I don't particularly put a lot of stock in resolutions, but I never can resist a goal list opportunity! I just don't rely on a new year to make those goals. Anyways, New Years was fun and we ate way too much Mexican food, and stayed up way too late!

     Lastly, we had a peaceful Sunday of rest. I did try something new on the first day of the year though, and that was making Beeswax candles, which you guessed it, are coming to the blog soon! I can't wait to share all of the fun projects I've been working on for this season Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday!