To Share / The Holidays So Far


     Good morning! I've been keeping pretty quiet around here, just enjoying downtime with Brett + Bailey, and inwardly debating what I want the do with this little space on the internet. My interests change often, so that makes it a little challenging to pick a "theme" for this here blog. A general lifestyle blanket is fine, and I'll probably always share my varied interests here, but lately I've been drawn to cooking - a lot. I think it's a combined reasoning of having moved to the suburbs of Columbia, and therefore cooking more at home because we are far away from our usual eating out places, but also just my general creativity and love of food. Now I have a reason to cook often, and have way less opportunity to be lazy in the kitchen. All this to say, you'll be seeing more recipes here than anything else. Don't worry though, I won't be able to resist sharing about Bailey or how health and wellness relate to my cooking choices, so every now and then there will be some lifestyle posts, but mostly, get ready to feast with your eyes (and hopefully, literally, with the recipes in your own home)!

     Now, today, I wanted to share snapshots of how our holiday season is going so far! I hosted friendsgiving this month, and whipped up a couple of contributions to Brett's family's Thanksgiving table. However, the second Thanksgiving was over, I dove into the Christmas spirit (which is unusual for me, I typically am pretty indifferent to early decorating) and played Christmas music, put up our tree and other decorations, and started developing holiday recipes (can you say Chocolate sugar cookies? I'm not a fan of the classic ones). I've started a folder on my phone to document our season, and here are the images so far! 


Bottle brush tree's are going through a revival. I didn't know what they were as I think the last time they were popular was way before I existed, but they sure are pretty, so I can see the appeal! Mine is from the glorious Target dollar section.


I can't not take pictures of log piles. It's just too wintery to resist!


Bailey had a great time at the tree farm, until she had to use the restroom and the only option was in the woods. She's had to do this before, but this time it was a major fail and poor girl had to change clothes after. It's hard to be a happy camper when your clothes get wet!


I love these vintage trucks. Throw some pine trees on the back, and they scream Christmas!


Bailey tried her first candy cane and hated it, so I was all "don't mind if I do". 


I like to snag trimmings from the farm every year, and turn them into decorations. All you need is some twine and scissors and you've got yourself a wall hanging (see below)!


If you're predicting that I leave this up way after the Santa's get put away, you would be very correct. I bet I can push this one until spring!

     That's all for now! Check back here on Tuesday for a festive brunch recipe that I can't wait to wolf down as soon as the photos are snapped. Have a fun week!