To Share / Our New (Just for Us) Gift Rules


     Hi there! As Christmas Day looms, I wanted to share what our Christmas shopping approach is for Bailey, as her parents (I say that because I give my parents and Brett's parents free reign when it comes to what they want to get for Bailey. Except for stuffed animals! One or two is ok, but little girl does not need a whole lot more at the moment LOL). I've become really conscious of how much children don't need a lot of things. They're the ones who are happy with a cardboard box, or sticks to be honest, to play with! And I always think there's a way to incorporate education with them, they are just so open to learning. So if I'm going to buy toys or a gift in general for her, they will be something she'll get a ton of joy out of, educational (but also something she'll love), or a necessity that shows her how to enjoy having what she needs. See our official gift guidelines for ourselves below!


Gift Rules: 

1. Something she wants: this will be one out of the many things she's pointed out that she wants from Santa. Within reason of course! 

2. Something she needs: you'll always need some things! This could be anything from cute kids socks to a new blanket to replace ones that have - shall we say - sustained some damage. 

3. Something to read: to me, there's not much worth buying more than books (and food, but that ones probably more essential). There's always something more to learn, especially for a nearing-4 year old! 

4. Something to create with: growing up, we always had craft supplies. It's essential for children to use their imaginations, and nothing is better for that than a set of paints and a piece of paper! 

       Sometimes it's hard to stick to these principles. It's my nature as a mother to want to give my child everything, but I try to keep in mind that it's not a literally feasible idea. I end up sticking to giving her my love, real attention, and anything she'll need, but a few extra things on special days! It keeps us happy, and that's all I could want. 

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun weekend!