For Inspiration / April


     Hi there! April was awesome, and today I'm sharing what made my month! First, we went home to Arkansas to visit my family, and it was beautiful. Spring always is there, and this time was even more special because my parents azalea bush was in full bloom! That color! The fullness! I was obligated to get Baileys photo in front of it. 


      On the way down to Arkansas, we stopped in Springfield to have lunch with my little sister, and I got to check off Cherry Pickers from my restaurant bucket list! We had triple cheese grilled cheeses with bacon and ya, that's going to be hard to top. 


      Then, it was magically Easter all ready, so we headed to the lake house! We dyed and hid eggs for Bailey, and it took a minute, but she actually got into searching for them. That girl never stops moving whenever we go to the lake!


      Next, I did one of my favorite DIYs to date: blush pink dye using avocado pits! It turned out so well, and now I'm tempted to dye everything possible pink. Not the worst problem to have! 


     Lastly, it finally got warm enough to plant some seeds! I'm starting with dill, chives, and jalapeños! Now I just have to be patient enough to wait for the seeds to sprout.  

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun weekend! See you in May!