To Explore / Bentonville, AR


     Hi there! This last weekend I celebrated my birthday with family in Arkansas, and we visited Bentonville to explore their Crystal Bridges Museum! They are hosting a Georgia O’Keefe exhibit that I highly recommend you check out if you’re in the area. They include works not only from Georgia, but also from artists influenced by her - so it’s a pretty well rounded retrospective! More photos from the museum and where we had lunch/coffee in Bentonville are below!


     Loved this modern sculpture.  


      This was bailey’s first time in a museum! She enjoyed it about as much as a 4 year old can! LOL


     They had an area where you could draw a still life based on common objects found in O’Keefe’s work! I drew one of the peonies. 


    This wall was my sister and I’s favorite! The pink and the flowers were just too good.


      We also loved this painting by one of the newer artists! The colors were just gorgeous. 


And lastly the exterior of the exhibit was also in accordance with the theme. Tis mural was gigantic in person - so pretty!


     Grandpa and Bailey! They’re observing the bridges that are the namesake of the museum. 


      There is a Frank Lloyd Wright house on the property, and I had to take a look at the exterior - it was just too cool!


      My little stinker! 


     After the museum, we ventured downtown to Pressroom. It was too good and had beautiful interiors! 


      I had chicken and waffles with hush puppies and beneigts! As I said on Instagram, southern food at its finest! 


    After that, we stopped in next door to Onyx Coffee and loved it. 


     Bailey and I had pink macaroons and were in heaven! 

    Thanks for reading and have a fun week!