What We're Loving, #6

     Hi guys! I hope everyone is having a nice and smooth Monday! So far today, mine's been pretty good. I've just been catching up on posts that I shot over the weekend, and there were a lot. I still got some relaxing things in though, with a manicure in the new shade of polish pictured below. I also started reading the new Book of the Month! So far, all I can say is wow. If you are reading along, be prepared to get inspired. We've mostly just been getting prepared for winter around here! There are like four throw blankets scattered throughout our living room at the moment. Ha! I just can't get enough of them. Same goes for Bailey and the crackers she's been stealing from me. Gotta love my little scavenger though. :)

What We're...

Wearing: My vintage Bass boots from Goodwill/the cutest little lion socks.

Reading: Essentialism by Greg McKeown/Fox in Socks (the only book she'll tolerate for more than a page).

Eating: Habanero BBQ almonds/sea salt crackers!

Making: A Fall 2015 photo album with my prints from Artifact Uprising/beautiful music.

Loving: New polish from Essie/brushing her hair with my brush.

Gift Guide: Children


     I have always loved when bloggers have posted their favorite things to give each season. I wanted to join in on this as well! I've created this gift guide here and two others to be posted throughout the month, in preparation for Christmas Day! For the children's one, I wanted to include things that aren't gender specific, but the Fauna doll and PJ's were too cute to not include. Having a girl is a blast because, as a mom, you get to relive what you loved about being a girl growing up. The adorable stuffed animals and clothes just happen to be a part of that, for me. If anyone is at a loss of what to get your niece or grandson, the options below are crowd-pleasers! I would buy any of these items for Bailey (and probably will, to be honest). The doll and matching game from Anthropologie are definitely on the list, seeing as I've never met a kid who doesn't love playing matching games. Hopefully this is helpful, and keep an eye out for my upcoming Gift Guides for him and her! Happy shopping!













1. A Melissa and Doug Tabletop Easel. Perfect for the little creator in your life!

2. Some adorable and warm PJ's with a nice little subliminal message :).

3. The Day the Crayons Quit is quickly becoming a classic, and the illustrations are perfect!

4. These dolls are so unique, and much more affordable than ones in a similar style.

5. I always thought these branch colored pencils were too cute! Hopefully, Bailey will feel the same.

6. I used to work at a daycare, and every child would beg to play matching games all day. This bear themed one is on point.

To Create a Bucket List


VSCO Cam-1 (8).jpg

     I'm so excited for today's post! I love making bucket lists and goal lists. Any list really. It's the only way I stay organized and actually reach those goals. Bucket lists are a little bit more fun than your everyday list though. They help you to participate in life, not just getting your tasks done. My bucket lists don't even really involve tasks, they are just fun things I'd like to do. Mine are more for keeping me inspired than anything else. If I'm ever bored, I just look at the list and see what I can cross off that day! I plan on making these seasonal posts, posted at the start of every season, so expect another one of these in March. For now though, peruse the list and see if there's anything you'd like to do this winter!

Winter Bucket List 2015:

1. Drink lots of hot cocoa (obviously this takes priority).

2. Improve upon my gift-wrapping skills.

3. Watch White Christmas at least once (it's my favorite Christmas movie).

4. Make a wreath or two.

5. Listen to lots of moody holiday music.

6. Stop being a chicken, and go sledding.

     There ya go, short and sweet! I like to keep things simple around here. Happy winter!

What We're Loving, #5

     Hey readers! I hope everyone is having a good Monday! I had a productive weekend, so I'm feeling pretty great about starting the week. It's just one of those days where I feel like I'm caught up with everything for the most part, but I'm sure life will throw me some sort of curve ball. Thanksgiving was awesome! So so so much food and eating and leftovers. It was basically heaven. After turkey day was finished though, we decorated all day Sunday, and I worked on some crafts for the holidays. See, productive! I enjoyed shooting the What We're Loving for today, mainly because it features my favorite hot chocolate mix. Also, I'm excited for the Gift Guides to come out! There will be three posted throughout December, so stay tuned and enjoy!

Wearing: Mittens, all day/lots of new (to her) fall tops.

Eating: Some amazing hot cocoa/cartons of blueberries, I couldn't even get a picture without interference!

Reading: A 70 year old copy of Brave New World/a Disney classic.

Making: Gift Guides, coming soon!/ All of the sounds with her mini drum set.

Loving: My Knot & Bow Heart stickers, especially for the gifts/a wooden pull horse from Nana's house.

To Talk About Lipstick

     Hello all! I was going through all of my lipsticks recently, and realized that most of them were all very similar shades of red, with a few pinks thrown in. Seems like the perfect opportunity to throw some out right? I put most of them on and weeded out the ones that didn't have the best texture and staying power and ended up with 3. I have lately been seeing a lot of darker reds out and about, especially with fall happening, so I decided to pick up one myself. I'm very fair, with blonde hair and blue eyes, which are all such light features that I was worried that any kind of dark lip could be too severe. Leave it to Burt's Bee's to clear that issue up for me! I had seen an ad for their new lip crayons, and the model was wearing a deep red shade that had a lot of color, but somehow looked sheer. I immediately went to Walgreen's and located the mythical creature. I've never had a better lipstick! It feels like a balm, but with minimal shine, and the dark red layers so well. My other three lipsticks are two reds and one pretty shell pink, all serving different purposes. See how below!









1. Burt's Bee's Lip Crayon in Redwood Forrest. My new favorite!
2. Revlon Super Lustrous Lip-color in Soft Shell Pink . This is the only non-red lipstick I own and it adds the nicest blush color to my lips.
3. Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Coral (no longer available, similar here) . A orange-red that I really only wear in the summer. It's kind of like my wild-card!
4. Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lip-color in Ruby Red . This one's a more classic red, a basic if you will. It's perfect with a white T and blue jeans.

What We're Loving, #4

     Hi readers! It's Monday, so you know that means its What We're Loving day! Winter's starting to stick its head out of the ground and I think I'll be O.K. with it, as long as I'm prepared (hence the socks and hat). I literally don't take these socks off when I'm at home. We are both loving the Greek yogurt! They were cast offs from Brett's wisdom teeth experience, he's not a yogurt fan. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is excellent so far, I can see why it's a classic! Hope you all have an excellent week, happy Monday!

Wearing: My favorite socks/the only hat she can't remove in 3 seconds.

Eating: Greek yogurt/Greek yogurt, but by herself!

Making: Fun things with washi tape/scribbles, scribbles, scribbles.

Loving: This coffee Kristen brought me back from Vegas/my yak (white buffalo) that she's warming up to.

To Style an Accent Table


     Most of us probably consider any accent table an after thought, with larger pieces like the coffee table or your desk viewed as more time sensitive. I agree in that you should get the things you see most often organized and looking nice, but we also shouldn't forget the small spaces that can hold some personality and add a little character to a space! Below I have listed some of my favorite things to perk up a sofa table I pass by on the daily. We set drinks on it, balance plates on it, and ultimately it ends up being a catchall for those random objects in our life. Here are my essentials:

1. A tray, wooden or acrylic. Whatever floats your boat! I've found ours is the perfect place to hide our T.V. remote from the baby. Also, a little life and good smelling things. We keep an air diffuser and my favorite little succulent in the tray!

2. A small box, for little things like matches for candles, that need to be kept away from Bailey's hands.

3. You can add something personal, like Bailey's framed birth announcement here. 

    There it is! I like to keep it simple and avoid clutter, but inevitably it shows up now and then. Feel free to send me some pics of your accent tables, I always love fresh ideas! Happy Styling!

What We're Loving, #3

     Hi guys! This weekend was a little hectic, with all of the shoots for this blog here, and usual weekend stuff, but also, Brett got his wisdom teeth out Thursday, so that's been fun too. It really wasn't too bad of a weekend, Bailey and I still had fun playing all weekend and letting Daddy rest. :) What We're Loving this week is probably one of my favorite ones yet! It's getting a bit easier to curate our favorite things throughout the week, which is why I think I'm enjoying myself. I already finished the Book of the Month and it was amazing. The review and discussion will come at the end of the month, but I'm itching to talk about it now! Luckily my mom read it too, so I'm hoping to discuss it soon with her, hi Mom! But I digress, the book in this post is really great too, I read it in a couple of days. Check out everything else we're interested in this week below!

What We're....

Wearing: My cat-eye shades from Target/An adorable jumpsuit, couldn't be cuter!

Reading: A novel I picked up at the Salvation Army, so good!/An appropriate book, considering the weather.

Eating: Salt and Vinegar Kettle Chips/Cheese, all the cheese.

Making: Anything involving my stamp collection/Messes, and then attempting to clean them up herself!

Loving: My little copper friends (a failed attempt at mini candles)/Anything involving her shoes.

To Browse Etsy

     Elsie from A Beautiful Mess posted her 10 favorite home things to shop for on Etsy a couple of months back, and it was such an inspiring post. I figured, hey, it might help me to sift through my Favorites list and narrow down what I actually "need" and would genuinely love to own. While Etsy's vintage category is amazing, it would be it's own post in itself. And don't worry, that post will come, but today's list is more about the fun handmade things. Let's get started!


1. These Hanging Planters - I love the choice of colors and minimal look of simple string as opposed to macrame. Don't get me wrong, I love macrame, but in this situation, I'm looking to hang multiple planters in a group and in my space, a few of the chunkier ones would be too much. (Note: Hanging planters are an amazing option to keep plants around while living with kids, they can't reach!)


2. This Mama Bird T - So so so sweet, and there's a matching Baby Bird one too! The design is much more preferable than loud, crazily printed mommy-daughter outfits, as far as my taste goes. Also, what mom doesn't love a subtle claim on their baby?


3. These Marble Bowls - Marble is having a big moment in everything from nail appliques to phone cases, and I have happily jumped on the band wagon. There's something so classic about the marble look, and it adds an organic, exciting feel to something that otherwise would be basic.

4. This Copper/Leather Air Plant Holder - Copper and Rose Gold is another material that I can't get enough of. It's been this way for a few months now and I'm not sure if my copper obsession will ever go away at this point. Also, copper looks great with marble. (Sigh) Air plants are an easy way to start bringing plants into any room and are very simple to take care of. This air plant holder would look so pretty in our dining nook or in our office.

5. This Apron - Mustard is probably my most used color at the moment, in clothing and crafts. This linen apron looks so simple and beautiful, which is definitely what I'm looking for in cooking accessories right now! I'm the epitome of an amateur in the kitchen, but I see no problem in having everything around me look nice while being said amateur. :)

6. This Twine - Knot and Bow is one of my very favorite shops on Etsy. The products are sold in a couple of cool stores around Columbia, but the Etsy store has basically everything a crafter/balloon enthusiast could need. Twine is one of my most used products and Knot and Bow's is top notch.

7. These Cacti - This is always a surprising one, and it does feel strange buying any sort of plant online, but living in an area of the country where cacti is not naturally occurring, you have to do what you can! I love the look of cacti, and plan on putting them anywhere that Bailey can't get a hold of them.

8. This Print - I first saw Mary Kate McDevitt's work in this book, and immediately had to find a way to purchase something of hers! Luckily, she has an Etsy shop full of cheeky prints about coffee and quotes.


9. This Book - So cool! As far as children's books go, this ones aesthetic almost takes me back to books from the early nineties. It's so different from other children's books, I can't wait to read it to Bailey!

10. This Bag - I usually don't go for printed bags, unless it's a cute tote. However, this perfect peach color and minimalist print has me rethinking things. I've been so into peach lately, I think I might turn into an actual peach. The London Tierney shop is full of awesome accessories that add a bit more interest to a look.

All images are from Etsy. Be sure to follow my profile and check out more of whats to love!

To Read a Classic

     Hello all! I'm not sure what it is, but there is just something about fall that really gets me into the reading mood! It's probably the combination of the cooler weather and the less busy schedule in fall, but I have no issue with it. One of my favorite things to do when it gets chilly is have a quiet weekend at Lake of the Ozarks, sitting on the screened in porch with a warm blanket and a classic novel. Of course, a hot cup of coffee is a given as well. I define a classic book as one that is at least 20 years old and that has some sort of notoriety along with it. They're usually enticing to read because of what you've heard about them, no? The one drawback I find to "classic" books is that some can be a little boring or hard to read. As a kid, it was challenging to find older books I liked because I was too distracted with Harry Potter to look on my own. At some point, my mom actually started suggesting ones that she liked and for awhile I would only read those! The first one I have a memory of her suggesting is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. When I think of "classic" as far as books go, that one immediately pops into my head. Some of my other favorites are Alice's Adventures in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, and Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote. Happy Reading!

What We're Loving, #2

     Today, we have the second installment of my weekly What We're Loving Series. It has been very enlightening, so far, to sift through our lives to pick out a few things that have been getting a lot of attention. Some things are obvious, like I'm definitely going to be reading our Book of the Month this week, but other things, like pinpointing what specific toy Bailey has been giving the extra hugs to, require a little bit more observation. Now that she's talking and saying syllables of words, she makes it pretty clear what she wants. This was the case with last weeks Loving choice of Mr. Wolfie, she literally says "wolf" when she wants him. I really look forward to continue documenting her childhood choices.

What We're...

Wearing: My favorite beanie/Bailey's favorite cardigan.

Reading: The Book of the Month/ Little girl is saying the number 2!

Eating: Homemade salsa from Brett's mom/ She eats at least one banana a day.

Making: Cards for the place settings at Thanksgiving/ washi tape balls

Loving: air plants!/ a little box from D.C. that her Auntie Becca gave her. :)

To Play Together

     Hello Readers! Today I thought I'd share a little bit of what Bailey, my toddler, and I like to do when I'm off from work and on the weekends. Really, it's just a lot of playing and goofing around. She loves to be chased and then caught. Going to the park and exploring it is her favorite way to get out of the house. She also loves the grocery store, making messes, and stomping her little feet just to hear the sound. We spend a lot of our days together coloring, eating, singing songs, and pushing her little lawn mower around. I'm pretty sure bath time is the highlight of her day and when I ask the question "bath?" she immediately runs to her bathroom, ready to climb into the tub.

     A couple of weekends back, we visited the family Lake House and Bailey got to experience her first painting party! Her grandma had a little canvas for her and everything. It couldn't have been more adorable. This activity will definitely become a mini project of ours. I'm envisioning a gallery wall in Bailey's room filled with her own square canvas abstracts. See all of the cuteness below!

All photos taken by Kristen Williams. Thanks girl!

Book of the Month

    Today we have the first "Book of the Month"! This will be a monthly series, kind of like a book club, wherein I choose a book to start at the beginning of the month and at the end of the month we can discuss it and choose another. Fun, no? Reading is one of my favorite pastimes and including it in the blog is the biggest treat. I could talk about books forever, and we probably will!

     The book for November is one you've probably heard of in the last year. Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel is a post-apocalyptic novel that has already won a couple of awards. I've heard it's not your typical end of the world book though, and that's what drew me to it. I love those kinds of books, they always read so fast and stay interesting. However, I have started to step away from them, since there are only a few ways you can spin pandemics and zombies. I have a feeling this one's different though and I can't wait to dive in! 

What We're Loving, #1

     Hello readers! To start this blog off, I thought it would be appropriate to show you a little bit of what we are loving lately. This "What We're Loving" post will be the first of a weekly series! I decided to make this topic a series because I believe it's important, but mostly fun, to recognize what is making you happy. That's what these posts will be about, the little things! It's also helping me switch things up and not get in a rut, to stay inspired. Being inspired by anything is one of the best feelings in the world, why would you not share that? Here's to being inspired and loving life!

What we're...

Wearing: An 8 year old necklace from American Eagle / Bailey's first real pair of boots

Reading: On the Road (I always reread it every fall) /  Pride and Prejudice

Eating: Pirate's Booty / A smaller amount of Pirate's Booty

Making: Halloween masks (for the first time, it was a blast!) / first painting (so proud)

Loving: Kristen Williams' coaster set! / Mr. Wolfie

To Create a Blog


Visiting one of my favorite places as a child in Arkansas.

Visiting one of my favorite places as a child in Arkansas.

         Welcome to What a Fun Day! I'm Samantha and I am the creator/owner/manager of What a Fun Day. This blog is focused on living a happy, full and special lifestyle. On the blog I'll cover many topics but mostly focus on DIY projects, simple style, delicious recipes, and the general musings of my everyday life with my love, Brett, and our daughter Bailey. 
    Our beautiful girl is closing in on 2 years old, so our life with her is never boring. While I dedicate a lot of my time to her, there's always time for making things, cooking scrumptious food, and thinking about how our life is working, what improvements need to be made, and how to do it simply. With a toddler, everything has to be simplified but fun. That's the goal anyway! My hope for this blog is that while I strive for making my happy life even more fun, my readers take something from our life's simple pleasures and infuse some of it into their own. I've included a few photos of our life lately, which can all be found on my Instagram @whatafundayblog , to give you a peek into our everyday. I look forward to sharing bits of our time together along with posts to elevate your lifestyle, and to overall just make life more fun, day to day.
                                Thanks for reading!

An appropriately moody photo after a tantrum.

An appropriately moody photo after a tantrum.

Designing our costumes for Halloween.

Designing our costumes for Halloween.

Enjoying the fallen leaves.

Enjoying the fallen leaves.