Weekly Moodboard, #26

     Good morning! I have a lot of things planned for the weekend, both projects and hang outs with my friends. I'm making cubano sandwiches for a couple of friends on Friday, and I'm getting coffee with another on Saturday. I plan to rock my rust dress and white sneakers, like the girl below, on at least one of those occasions. The projects I'm doing are almost all related to overhauling our office, such as bookends and refreshing a woven basket I have with some paint! The last DIY I'm doing is a little Mother's Day present I'm making for myself, a coconut rose scrub. It's my third Mother's Day on Sunday, and I can't wait to have a little picnic with Brett and our little one. Have a great weekend, and happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there!

Weekly Moodboard, #25

     Hi guys! This weekend, I plan to live the simple life. Organizing the office, a spa day with Cat, and staying in my new pajama set, similar to the one below, are all on the agenda. As is taking more photos of and with Bailey. My lettering project for the week is to make a print similar to the one from Rifle Paper Co., but with the saying "maman sait mieux" (mama knows best, in French), so that will be completed this weekend. Last on the list is making mother/daughter flower crowns for an upcoming DIY post! To say I'm excited about it is the definition of an understatement. Prepare for a lot of cuteness coming your way. Have a great weekend!

Weekly Moodboard, #24

     Hi guys! This is such a fun weekend! Our town has two festivals back to back, the first being Columbia's brand new literary festival, and you can bet I'll be there. The second is the always fun Earth Day festival, which I go to show support for the environment, but mostly to eat, because every food truck in town is there. It's going to be in the 80's, so I'm breaking out my favorite off-shoulder blouse to stay cool. Also, I plan on making a huge batch of mango salsa on Friday, that will probably be eaten by Saturday. It's addictive, and the recipe will be on the blog soon! The only real projects for the weekend are making a couple of hanging planters for our office, and doing some shoots with Kristen. I'm working on a couple of non-blog related things too, such as practicing my hand lettering for 100 days straight, and putting together a photo project of Bailey. The project is essentially a group of 9 photos I'm going to take each month of Bailey for a year. The photo theme's are in the link below from A Cup of Jo, and I loved them so much, I decided to create this challenge for myself! I can't wait to get started. Have a great weekend!

Weekly Moodboard, #23

     Hi guys! It's the weekend, and this one happens to be a little monumental. I started the three day potty training process with Bailey yesterday! It's going fine so far, considering she hates being wet at all. She even begs to take her t-shirt off if it gets a drop of water on it, so that's kind of playing out in our favor. That being said, we don't really have plans this weekend. I'm doing a couple of shoots for the blog, which include the coasters and lemonade pictured below. Mostly I just plan on finishing One Hundred Years of Solitude in between trips to the potty with Bailey. Hopefully we can get outside a little bit though, because it will be in the 70's all weekend and I'm dying to wear some shorts and my new sandals from Charlotte Russe, which are very similar to the Steve Madden's below. Wish me luck and have a great weekend!

Weekly Moodboard, #22

     Hi guys! This weekend will be slightly busy, since I have about 5 shoots to do, a doctors appointment, and a few errands to run. I plan to live in cute, comfy clothes and my Adidas Superstars. One of the projects I'm shooting is for a DIY Post next week! I'm going to whip up some gold planters in a few sizes, much like the ones from Urban Outfitters featured below. I also plan to shoot a delicious whole wheat veggie breakfast pizza, and then proceed to eat all of it this weekend. We plan to start refreshing our outdoor space as well, seeing as it's about to be grilling season. Last, but not least, we are going to go through Bailey's cold weather clothes and pack up all of those adorable boots and long sleeve tops. It's about time though, because she keeps pulling out all of the clothes I've set aside to go through and covering her room in them. Yup, it's definitely time. Have a great weekend!

Weekly Moodboard, #21

     Hi guys! We are back from Denver, and in one word, it was awesome. I'll do a post next week about our trip, but for right now, it's time to lay out the plans for the weekend. Said plans mostly include the farmers market, wearing my crop-flare jeans, listening to records, and maybe a little cocktail. I'm also working on a couple of things for the blog! I'm shooting our favorite grilled cheese recipe (it involves blueberries and sourdough), and am creating a spring/summer bucket list. You can bet swinging in a chair at the lake with a hunk of watermelon is going to be at the top! Happy Saturday! 

Weekly Moodboard, #20

     Happy Weekend! We are busy packing to leave for Denver, CO on Monday, and I'm about to combust due to the excitement! I've been thinking a lot lately, about these moodboards, and I've decided to make them more of a reflection on my plans for the weekend and week ahead, as opposed to general inspirational images. It's more fun that way, for me at least. I like to round up my plans and ideas through images. That being said, I'll explain, each week, the meaning behind each photo. Let's get started!

1. I plan on buying a few new buddies at Ironwood in Denver!

2. Packing is the major item on the weekend to-do list.

3. ABM kills me with their DIY's, and I can't wait to do this one before we leave on Monday!

4. We are going to try Voodoo at least once, whilst in Denver.

5. This is basically outfit goals for Denver, and + one more layer, since it'll be a little chilly!

6. The mountains are calling, see you soon CO!

Weekly Moodboard, #19

     Hey there! Pink accents have been on my mind for awhile now, but most recently, I've started to not hate hot pink accents! I usually go for blush or peach tones, but seeing some of these bright pops of pink is starting to appeal to me. They complement cool, contrasting tones, like blue and green well. All of these colors just work together, and it is definitely brightening up my Saturday. Have a great weekend everyone!

Weekly Moodboard, #18

     Hi guys! First things first, today is my little sister's 20th birthday, so happy birthday Rebecca!! Second, can I just say how old I feel thinking my little sister is only a year away from being 21?! That's too old, and she will forever be 10 in my mind. Lets move on though, before I start getting too deep into age issues. It's already in the 70's and even 80's next week, so I'm having a very in limbo between spring an summer moment. The color red really pops out at me now, probably because it's timeless and works for any season. As you can see below, it looks amazing with most other colors, and I'm really going to try and incorporate it more in my life. Personally, I prefer hints of red, as opposed to it being a lead color, in my style and in photos/illustrations/design. Who knows though, I could end up buying the brightest all-red dress by the end of the summer, so we'll see if I end up branching out. Wish me luck!

Weekly Moodboard, #17

     Hey there! This Saturday, we are embracing all of the spring vibes. It's 60 degrees out and today is Bailey's Spring-Esque Birthday Party! All of the family is here, and I'm not sure the day could get any better. I think the only improvement will be the amount of chocolate cake Bailey will be covered in by the time the parties over. That will definitely turn into a photo shoot. Spring being the influence that it is, pastels and wanderlust are all that's on my mind right now, and I plan on living like the pictures below, starting, well, now! Have a great weekend everyone!!

Weekly Moodboard, #16

     Hi guys! I found the orange photo below randomly on Pinterest one day, and I knew it would eventually be a part of a mood board. Those colors are just so inspiring! It makes sense since they are complementary colors, orange and blue. After choosing this image, I decided to hunt around my other Pinterest boards in search of the same beautiful blue. Unsurprisingly, I found hints of it everywhere! It is definitely one of my favorite shades of blue, it's got to be if it crops up this much in my cataloged inspirations. Have a great weekend!

Weekly Moodboard, #15

     It's the weekend, you guys! This weekend is extra special, considering it's Brett's birthday today!! We plan on spending it eating lots of food, having a couple of drinks, and enjoying this gorgeous weather. It's in the 60's in February, and I'm not taking it for granted. The theme for this weekend is sweet, light, and warm. Let's all cross our fingers that the Groundhog was right, and spring is actually here. It may be naive, but who cares? What can I say, I'm a dreamer. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Weekly Moodboard, #14

     Hey there! Blush/rose quartz/rose/pink is my favorite color at the moment, and it has been for about a year now. Give me all of the light pinks! It works well with so many other colors, as shown below. It livens up food, design, clothing, and even architecture. While I have been focused on spring everything, I do think this color works well even in the winter. It is warm enough to contrast the bitter season, but is also light enough to work with cooler colors. Long live pastels!

Weekly Moodboard, #13

     Hi guys! Since 2016 began, I've been manically writing down every idea for this space and just my creative life in general. I have been itching to pursue and think out everything that sparks my interest. From trying new DIY techniques that intimidated me in the past, to developing an illustration collection to sell this summer, I've become inspired to do it all. These moodboards, I believe, have had a big part in that. I love getting to center where my brains at using photos, because it opens my eyes to what I want to incorporate into my style, color palette, and overall process. For instance, this week, I'm really getting into warm tones paired with blue, like denim. Then, I remember, I love doing a red lip with a Canadian tuxedo LOL (but really, I do), so this weekend, I'll have to try it out again! I can't wait to see what next week brings. Have a happy Saturday!

Weekly Moodboard, #12

      Spring FOMO is contagious. Especially when your are planning trips and blog posts for spring, when it's still freezing outside! I've actually planned for a couple of projects that I've been working on to debut in the spring, and I think it's possibly making it worse. So today, I've made the ultimate green/greenery moodboard. That's the color I've subconsciously linked with the season, and it shows, because the only things I've been pinning lately are plants. I started a pin-board titled Greenery, just for the specific purpose of being able to go look at all of the plants I dream about. Best believe, I will be filling our house with green once March hits.

Weekly Moodboard, #11

     Happy Saturday readers! The moodboard for today, is obviously blush themed. It's probably because I have been in the early stages of planning spring, and blush/rose quartz has been my favorite color for the last 6 months. I can't get away from it, so I'm embracing it. Bring on all blush everything!

Weekly Moodboard, #10

     Happy Saturday, readers! This weeks weekly moodboard is very reflective of the colors I'm loving at the moment. The grey, blue, and white, with metallic accents, I just love it. Marble, concrete, and brass are my favorite materials right now, and it shows. Also, hugging sweaters is basically what I do with my free time. Interior decorating blogs are one of my favorite places to look for inspiration in all aspects of life, not just decor, although I do love decor. It definitely explains why there are always at least two images in one moodboard that are interior shots. As an adult I have started to appreciate interior decorating more and more, especially compared to when I was a teenager and only liked fashion and magazines. Here's to always growing!

Weekly Moodboard, #9

     Hi guys! This weeks moodboard was strongly influenced by the blue marble tile featured below. I wish I could have just one piece of that tile to just sit and stare at. It's gorgeous. I think I am going to paint a canvas this weekend inspired by it. The colors and textures are everything I'm loving right now. Though, I did want to bring a little contrast in with some of the more subtle colors in the marble. Hence, the whites and pinks in the other images. If I could pick colors to describe my life, it would be these. I'd probably include a mustard tone somewhere too. Also, icons don't get much better than Brigitte Bardot. The hair, the eye make-up, and the irony that the hat and color of sweater she's wearing are completely on trend 60 years later. Gotta love style. Have a good weekend, everyone!

Weekly Mood Board, #8

      Hi guys! I think now that the weather has finally started to feel like winter, I'm definitely starting to look towards spring. It's really only been winter-cold around here for a week or so, but I'm already regretting my wish for a normal season. That's usually how every season goes for me. When it gets really hot in the summer, I am always longing for sweater weather. Then, when sweater weather's finally here, I dream about wearing dresses without tights and being able to just walk outside without taking 5 minutes to bundle up. That's just the way it is. In lieu of my typical winter grumpiness, I am dedicating this moodboard to spring. I miss you and please come back soon.

Weekly Moodboard, #7

     Hi readers! I hope you are all having a great holiday weekend! It's time for some weekly visual inspiration. I know everyone is at home with their families, or on vacations, but there is always downtime. With everyone being on their phones all of the time, I figured people would still need pretty things to look at, even on the day after Christmas. Just as with last weeks mood board, I have pulled these photos together based on similar colors and vibes. I found the green walled room on Pinterest this week and basically died over the gold leafing on the walls. It had to be included in the post. Then I looked around my boards for more greens, warm yellows and neutrals, all of which complement each other beautifully. The holiday tablescape below is the ideal, as far as beautiful meals go. I love the beige/nude accents, just as much as I love a big oversize beige cardigan. Another thing I love: flatlays, especially a cocktail themed one. I figured the exposure on the Yuli Sato photograph would work perfectly with the beiges and greens. Also, the dark accents in almost all of these photos complement the "Keep Discovering" wavy print. I need that print, like now. Have a great holiday season everyone!