For Design Appreciation


     Hi there! I just wanted to share some design love today! I picked up this olive oil awhile ago, and as you may have guessed, I am definitely that person who will pay an extra dollar for the prettier bottle of olive oil or anything that is an everyday essential but is designed well. If I use it all of the time, and have to look at it, that extra dollar is worth it for my visual sanity.

     This bottle was one of the only nice looking bottles of olive oil, that was 100% made from olives. I had recently been informed that most olive oils are made with barely any actual olives, which was disappointing to hear. I was on a mission to find real olive oil that looked nice, and found this gem. Other than their "DCOOP" logo, I fell in love with the clean white packaging and not so offensive font choices.

    Like I said, personally I don't like the logo. It is just very generic looking, and that's not my aesthetic. I let it go though, for the sake of the sleek shaped bottle and doodled illustrations of planting olive trees featured. It fits perfectly on my kitchen counter, and is pleasing to the eye when placed with my other kitchen essentials that I keep out for everyday use.

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday!