To Make Grilled Cheese


     Hi there! Today, I'm sharing a fun and spicy grilled cheese combo, to warm you up now that it's freezing outside. Grilled Cheeses go so well with soup, it's almost a cliche. This poblano + bacon filled version is now exception, and was the perfect compliment to my butternut squash soup the other weekend. Get the recipe below!


- sourdough bread

- bacon

- a poblano pepper

- white cheddar cheese

- mayo


1. Slice up your poblano, and saute it in olive oil over medium high heat until slightly blackened.


2. Mayo-up two slices of sourdough, and fill both pieces with your ingredients. Then grill in a skillet over medium heat, until both sides are brown and the cheese is melted.

* Fun tip: to get the cheese to melt faster, place a lid on your pan while it's grilling to create a steam dome. The built up steam will get the cheese all gooey!

3. Once golden on both sides, slice the sandwich down the middle and serve. Enjoy!