To Make Gift Boxes

     Hi readers! I'm so excited for this D.I.Y.! These gift boxes turned out so cute, it will be a real struggle to actually gift them. It was one of those projects that, while you're making it, you aren't really sure you're liking it. Once I photographed it though, I was sold! I've really been loving minimalism lately, especially when it comes to prints. The little triangles and dashes are the perfect complement to the white. They'd look great if you wanted to keep the kraft paper and forgo painting them. I just wanted a little bit of a cleaner look with the white. I plan on wrapping most gifts this year in kraft paper, so these little white printed boxes will add a nice contrast.

     The project itself is very straight forward and minimal, much like the aesthetic of the boxes themselves. You can customize the washi tape shapes to reflect whatever look you're going for. If you want something more bold, you could deck the entire box in running stripes; or you could even just paint the boxes white and leave it at that! Twine looks great with the white and bright washi tape, so I highly recommend picking up a spool. Enjoy!


- paper boxes (these are from Hobby Lobby)

- white acrylic paint and a brush

- washi tape

- scissors

- twine (optional)

Step one: Paint boxes white (I did a couple of coats) and let dry.

Step two: Cutout shapes from pieces of washi tape and adhere however you like to the boxes.

Step three: Bundle in twine, if you please and gift away!