To Do / Summer 2017


     Hi there! It's time for the summer bucket list! I had one made at the beginning of May, but I actually got to check a couple of the to-do's off before June hit, so I edited it and am sharing that version with you all today! I wrote the list down at the start of a new sketchbook I bought, and plan on documenting each thing with a sketch and description. It just sounds like the nicest thing to be able to look back on this summer and see what I've done! Check out the list below:

Bucket List / Summer 2017

- Go Camping! I want to take a family trip and see if Bailey will enjoy this kind of thing (I'm thinking she will).

- Read (at least 5 books!)

- Kayak (this is as adventurous as I get at the lake)

- Put together a swing for Bailey! We have a large tree in our front yard that is calling for a swing. 

- Picnic (we actually picnic'd last weekend, so check!)

- Explore Columbia (summer is the best time to do this, as most of the Mizzou students are gone and Columbia's slightly peaceful again)

- Make bruschetta, panzanella, and sangria! Apparently, my culinary tastes for summer are exclusively Italian (I've got major Tuscan vibes going on this season). 

      That's all! I'll update at the end of August on how my summer went, and share snippets of the sketchbook. Thanks for reading, and have a fun Tuesday!

For an Adventure / Christmas Tree Shopping


      Good morning! Just wanted to share our photos from picking out the Christmas tree today! Kristen took a few of these, like the one above, and I just love them. We didn't send out a Christmas Card this year, but if we did, the one above would be perfect!

     The tree farm is always so pretty. Sometimes, I wish it would snow when we go, because there's nothing prettier than a tree farm blanketed in snow. However, I'm aware of the driving difficulties of snow, so I'm only half sad it didn't happen.

      Bailey's quite the little rascal when we go to places like this. I think she gets the sense that it's a fairly safe place for her to run around, so she tries, but there are tree stumps everywhere. She gets wary of those darn things pretty quickly!

     The barn here is just too cool! If I had to live in a barn or on a farm with one, this would be ideal.

     Seeing stacks of logs everywhere during the winter is the best. It reminds me of ours at my home in Arkansas, where my sisters and I used to spot frogs, lizards, and even a baby bunny one rare time.

      This is probably my favorite picture. Bailey only sat here for about five seconds, but it was long enough for Kristen to snap Mommy and Me photo gold.

     I may or may not have taken a few souvenirs from the farm. Small pine branches make the cutest decorations around the house, and happen to smell amazing too!

     Brett's parents picked out a huge 8ft. tree for their house, and Bailey was pretty entertained watching her grandpa and dada cut it down and haul it to the truck.

      It's their tradition to have Brett do a lot of the work, but at this point, I don't think he minds so much. He's always the person who likes having a job to do.

     That's all folks! I'm so happy I get to continue this tradition that my dad passed down to me with Bailey. She really loves it, hopefully just as much as I do. Thanks for reading, and have a fun Wednesday!

For a Bucket List / Winter


      Good morning! I'm sharing my winter bucket list with you all today, so here goes!  

Bucket List / Winter: 

1. Go sledding (if the snow we've been getting would stick!). 

2. Make soup. I have a cauliflower version planned that will be on the blog next month! 

3. Explore in the snow! If the roads permit, I want to tek over to one of Columbus's nature spots and explore it blanketed in snow.

4. Bake Christmas cookies. We are doing Christmas morning at our own house this year, with just us three, so I want to start my own family traditions, like baking cookies for Santa, with Bailey this year! 

5. Pick out a Christmas tree. We already accomplished this! Woo!

6. Purchase a Christmas record. Also already accomplished! You can bet it's been spinning constantly since said purchasing. 

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun weekend! 

To Make a Bucket List


     Hi guys! I've been itching to put together a Fall Bucket List since about July, when it was so hot and humid you could hardly be outside at all. In the past week or so though, a cool breeze has set in around these parts and I figured it's time to make my list! I really want to try to do all of these things this season, before it gets too chilly to do much. Check out the list below!

Fall Bucket List - 2016:

1. Go Apple Picking - I've been searching for an orchard near Columbia where you can pick your own, but it's been weirdly hard to track one down.

2. Craft with Leaves - Fall leaves are so pretty! I think it's time we start using the fallen ones for something pretty.

3. Tailgate - My best friend Cat's family has one every year for a Mizzou game, and I think Bailey will love it.

4. Make Pumpkin Biscuits - I'm tempted to whip up apple butter to spread on them too. We shall see!

5. Go Leaf-Gazing in the Kayak - Brett's mom has a kayak that we were loving all summer at the Lake of the Ozarks, and once those leaves turn in the coves, it'll be time to do some exploring.

6. Go to the Hartsburg Pumpkin Fest - It's probably one of the biggest pumpkin festivals in Missouri, and I'm sure Bailey would be amazed.

     That's all! I'll report back at the start of winter with how many of these I got to check off my list. Have a great day!