For a Bucket List / Summer Progress


     Hello! As summer starts to come to a close, it's time to reflect on the joys from the season! I think it's necessary to fully appreciate the way you live your life, and all of the fun things you're lucky enough to get to experience. So here goes!

Summer 2017 Bucket List:

1. Visit HaHa Tonka! √ (This was so cool and I can't wait to go back!)

2. Go camping (Going this weekend!)

3. Read √ (I've read at least 5 books this summer!)

4. Kayak √ (Also planning to do more of this over the weekend.)

5. Put up a swing for Bailey! (Hasn't happened yet, but this can still be done in the fall!)

6. Picnic √ (More of this to come as well)

7. Explore Columbia √ (Downtown is always a fun experience!)

8. Make bruschetta, panzanella, and sangria (Half check LOL I made sangria of course!)

9. Patio refresh √ (We've been loving our front porch all summer long)

      That's all! Thanks for reading, and have a fun weekend!


To Make a Bucket List, Pt. 3


     Morning guys! I'm sharing my summer bucket list today, and to be honest, it was really hard to shorten it to the essential things I wanted to do. There are just so many fun opportunities and activities that go along with sumer! Below are the main things I want to check off my bucket list this summer:

1. Hike the trail to the mansion ruins at Ha Ha Tonka state park. This ones been on my list for awhile, just google the name and you'll see why! 

2. Have a picnic. The weather is to nice to not have as many outdoor meals as possible. 

3. Make a ton of popsicles! I plan on buying a Popsicle mold and putting to use all of those recipes I've pinned. 

4. Host a dinner party. Now that we have a large enough space for company, I want to have everyone over for a huge meal and maybe some UNO!

5. Go to a winery. I've become a wine lover, and mid-Missouri has so many beautiful wineries! A tasting and a delicious meal sound like an ideal mid-summer evening to me.